Managing Lists

Creating Lists

To create a new list click on the add lists icon (FIG 7.1). After the screen expands enter the list name (Maximum 20 Characters). You can also adjust the time (minutes) between tweets. The minimum must be at least 1 minute. Click SAVE (FIG 7,2) and your list will appear on the dashboard (FIG 7.3)
Editing Lists
You can edit the list name and default time intervals by clicking the EDIT button (FIG 7.4)

Controlling the time between tweets.
Our “Blast Engine” randomizes the time between tweets based on the min / max time values. This randomization helps spread the tweets and gives the impression a human is sending them. For example, if the min time is set at 2 minutes and the max time is set at 6 minutes, the average time between tweets will be 4 minutes. No tweet will be sent less than two minutes after the previous one, nor will it be sent more than six minutes after a previous one.
Figure 7

Deleting Lists

To delete a list click the DELETE icon, All tweets assigned to the deleted list will be re-assigned to the default list.