Managing Schedules

Add Items to Schedule

To schedule a list click the SCHEDULE Icon (FIG 8.1). When the screen expands select the list you wish to send (FIG 8.2). Then select the date and time you wish the list to begin broadcasting (FIG 8.3). (NOTE: Lists must be scheduled at least 15 minutes in the future)

If you wish the list to be sent at the same time every day you can check the “Repeat” box. If the “Repeat” box is not checked, the list will be sent only once. Click the SAVE icon to finish.

Figure 8

You can monitor the progress of sent lists on the Schedule table (FIG 8.4). When a list is set to “Repeat” it will be moved to the bottom of the list once it is sent. Lists that are sent only once will remain at the top of the table. You may want to consider deleting these.

Editing Scheduled Lists

Schedules are considered time slots. Once a time slot is generated it has limited edit functionality. A Time Slot can have the LIST, the REPEAT mode, the RANDOMization and the MIN/MAX TIMES changed. (FIG 8.5)

Sending Tweets Sequentially

The randomization feature mixes the sequence of the tweets. This is a default feature. If you wish your list to be sent sequentially you can remove the RANDOM feature by editing the scheduled item. (NOTE: Turning this off can trigger Twitter’s advanced SPAM filters to assume bot-like behavior. Turn this off only for lists that will be broadcast less than twice per day)

Advanced Scheduling

Some of our premium offerings provide the option to schedule your recurring lists on specific days of the week. By default all days are selected.

When adding a schedule, enter the start date and time for your list and deselect (FIG 8-1.1) any weekdays you do not wish the list to be sent on. Each time the list is sent, BlasTwit will reschedule the list to the next day it should be sent based on your selections. (NOTE: The very first time the list is scheduled, if you deselect the weekday corresponding to the initial send date, BlasTwit will not send the list, however once it processes the list at the initial set time it will reschedule it in accordance to your selections)

You may also edit a schedule to change the days. However, be aware that the list will first run on the existing BLAST DT/TIME. For example, if your list will next run on 3/2/2015 (Sunday) (FIG 8-1.2) and on 2/28/2015 you decide to add Saturday to the schedule, the first Saturday the list will run will be 3/8/2015 (and not 3/1/2015)

Figure 8-1