Monitoring Tweet Queue and Error List

Send Errors

You can review SEND ERRORS in the Settings Page by clicking the ERRORS tab. (FIG 10.1)

Blastwit is dependent on Twitter functionality and availability. Twitter will at times reject tweets from being sent. Every time Blastwit sends a tweet, Twitter responds with a code which represents success (200) or no success (i.e: 187 – Tweet is a Duplicate). If code 200 is not received by the third attempt, Blastwit will place the tweet in an error log with the error code and the time the error occurred. (Reference Twitter’s Error Codes). (BlasTwit attempts to resend tweets up to three times before adding the tweet to the error log.)

There are times when Twitter does not respond or sends a code Blastwit does not recognize. Blastwit lists those tweets with the error code 999. In most cases this code means the Tweet was not sent, however it is also possible the tweet was sent and a response not received from Twitter. We recommend you verify your Twitter timeline prior to resending the tweet. If the tweet was sent earlier, resending the tweet will result in a 187 (Duplication) error.

To resend a tweet which received an error, click the “Send Tweet” button. Keep in mind that depending on the time transpired since the error, it is very likely that resending will result in the same error.

Tweet Queue

When a list is BLASTED manually or by schedule, the tweets are added to a queue. You can review the queue by selecting the QUEUE tab (FIG 10.2). You can remove tweets from the queue by clicking the DELETE icon.

Figure 10